40 Reasons

to buy Xerium presale 2.0

Multi-Blockchain Network

Available on Ethereum Network (ERC20)

Available on Binance Network (BEP20)

Available on Tron Network (TRC20)

Blockchain PAAS

Decentralised Exchange

Swapping Platform

NFT Platform

Gaming App

Loyalty Blockchain

Healthcare Blockchain

P2P Lending

Staking Platform

Crypto Payment Gateway

Global aggressive marketing campaign

Headquartered in UK

Strong & united community

Market-cap 100Mn$

1Bn$ Market-cap Vision in 2023

Liquidity lock for 25 Years

Xerium buys own dip for market control

150 Million Total Supply

Integrated Radical Innovation

Integrated Exponential Innovation

Own main net launch Q4 2022

Highest staking ROI in market

Best advisors on management

Projected value 4$ in 2023

Projected value 15$ in 2025

Plug and Play Subscription Fee

Lowest Fee + % Transaction Fee For Products

100K growing community

Partnered with Mastercard/VISA (In progress)

Partnered with Educational Universities

Estonian License (In progress)

Presale 2.0 - Jan 2022

Targeting 6.25Bn$ Blockchain Market

32.39% CAGR Growth


Super-Fast Transactions