Xerium is a blockchain platform that provides its users with remarkable effectiveness and advantages, according to the organization. It is dedicated to addressing the different issues that centralized market alternatives are facing by providing an online platform that provides crypto loans and investing options to its members, among other things.

Xerium solves the current significant issues at the Ethereum platform, like excessive fees, poor user experience, and sluggish transaction throughput. Unaffordable for minor and home-based investors, an Ethereum blockchain transaction may cost several hundred dollars.

Xerium token:

Although the nature of Defi on the internet is rapidly developing, an investor who does not have the requisite charts or tools may struggle in the process of investment optimization and It’s where Xerium comes into play. It offers a multi-functional platform (MFP) committed to capturing such rewards while also providing wealth and comfort to those who participate in it.

XERM is the native token of the platform. It is estimated that there are around 150 million tokens in total supply at Xerium. Of this total supply, about 50 million tokens are available in the market, and about 25000 tokens are available in the X2.0 presale 2.0. The current exchange rate is 1 XERM for 1 USD.

Benefits granted to Xerium participants:

What is Xerium2.0?

Xerium2.0 aims to revolutionize the present decentralized finance (Defi) trading experience by including an all-in-one order, trade, evaluate, stake, and learn about projects experience on a single platform. A redesigned engine, with a new database, a beautiful user interface, and experience, as well as an intuitive interface, make this a one-stop liquidity-producing platform.

Xerium’s cross-chain network & ecosystem will enable bridging and connectivity to other networks at low prices and lightning-fast speeds. Xerium 2.0 Blockchain service as peer-to-peer lending and staking platform for goods

Features of Xerium:

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange:

The platform is open to all users, offering limited use. Users must have possession of a certain quantity of the native token (XERM) or sign up to the monthly-based service option to benefit from this unique access to outstanding service alternatives, which contribute to the portfolio’s continued growth. The platform aims to implement future growth with future integrations, as well as long-term price appreciation and improved service quality.

An NFT Network eStore:

Xerium is a network that acts as an eStore for NFT platforms. For artists and businesses to advertise their NFTs, the gateway towards the Metaverse provides a Plug’n’play NFT shop. Users could produce new and substantial sources of income while simultaneously creating their brand in preparation for a digital-first future. In addition, current and historical assets are made available to promote interactions, promotions, and a variety of other activities.

You must have come across the word “gateway” at xerium, so let’s speak about it a little bit more.

A Crypto Payment Gateway:

In addition, the platform includes a cryptocurrency payment processor that assists any sort of online company that accepts cryptocurrency payments and instantaneously converts the amount received into the national currency of the customer’s choice. Users could also use the token to pay their partners & affiliates in cryptocurrency by holding it in their possession.

Road map:

The platform’s future development will include the following components:

  • Launch of Xerium DEX exchange and listing of xerium in major stock markets in the first quarter of 2022.
  • The launch of the Xerium cryptocurrency payment gateway is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.
  • Xerium loyalty program, gaming API, and healthcare will be launched in the third quarter of 2022
  • The launch of the Xerium 3.0 mainnet blockchain is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2022.


Xerium(XERM) is a digital blockchain that seeks to be the source of power for the blockchain in the future. A good illustration of this is the recent inclusion of xerium2.0. The platform is aiming to resolve the issues that have arisen on other platforms by offering a comfortable environment for users on xerium. It also intends to digitalize in the healthcare sector by incorporating cryptographic-enabled technologies into the industry’s operations.

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