Blockchain products as a service /BPAAS

Xerium(XERM) has a multi-functional platform based solutions dedicated to harnessing the benefits to offer prosperity and comfort to its participants. It allows its users to store money in the multi-currency online platform, avail blockchain products as a service with minimum subscription fee. Xerium presents a suite of blockchain products to help blockchain startups and companies in quickly establishing their blockchain product and jump to marketing rather than reinventing the solution each time. These solutions are available at a fraction of the cost in the form of subscription.

Paul Hammond

Director, Visionaire

Mark Davilla

Chief Architect (Former CEO)

Blockchain consulting services

Xerium’s experienced blockchain consulting team helps setup new blockchains for startups and
companies who like to leverage the power of decentralisation including tokenomics.

Xerium is available is 3 plus networks ERC, BRP & TRC. Xerium helps clients and dapps leverage its
networks, transaction speed and fees.

Thinking of launching your token? Xerium is the right platform to partner with for all your token
needs. Businesses can leverage the power of interoperable blockchain to provide faster transactions
at the lowest transaction fee

Launching a Decentralised APP? Xerum is the right platform to partner with. Leverage Xerium’s
blockchain network and development ecosystem to create dapps and explore unlimited possibilities.

Managing funds? Create and manage your crypto funds on Xerium DAO launchpad. It helps manage
your stakeholder, investors easily with governance through smart contracts and rights to vote.
Explore DAO with us. write to us at

Xerium is launching blockchain funding portfolio for innovative blockchain startups. If you’re looking
to get funded, reach out to us for funding. Click here to register for funding

Struggling with interoperability? Forget the hassles. Interoperable blockchain API is here. Leverage
our API docset and start building your dapp today. Click here for our API set